Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advent wreath with beeswax candles

This year's Advent wreath made from moss and beeswax candles. To match my woodland Christmas theme I added playing squirrels and the red stocking-footed deer - a present from my sister in law.
 I love the beautiful golden color of beeswax. 
Even better the fact that it's naturally scented. 
A very warm and cosy perfume - a little bit like honey!
 I used honey for the leaves cookies too. 
They're smelling very Christmassy because they have speculoos spices in them.

 And last not least I tried punch pears which are cooked in non-alcoholic punch for half an hour and then you allow to infuse overnight. The next day you get the most lovely red pears which taste so heavenly delicious with yoghurt, cream cheese or even salad.
And they have a beautiful surprise inside.
Have a lovely and cosy Advent time!
Miss Maple


  1. Those pears look amazing, and I would love to try those spiced biscuits. A friend's mum is a beekeeper and makes honey and beeswax candles, so I know how nice they smell. xxx

  2. Oh, how wonderfully delicious those beautiful pears look! I like your idea of serving them in a salad. I often do that regular pears when they're in season, but don't recall ever used poached or infused pears before. What a great seasonal salad twist!

    Happy two weeks until Christmas, sweet lady!
    ♥ Jessica


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