Monday, 11 November 2013

My dear autumn colours

I love my dear autumn colours. And that my hair is long enough to make a sidewards braid again.
 Trying different purses with this outfit. 
The first one is from an op shop.
 The second one is crocheted by me.
 I found the inspiration in a Japanese crochet magazine here.
 The third one was a present from my mother. She bought it at a garden fair. Lovely, isn't it?
 Which one do you like best?
 Starring Julie is checking if everything is in order!
 Oh, yes, Julie, it's ok!
 Don't look at the mess behind my house. 
Better look at my collection of blue and green glass in the windows above.
 That's my outfit for a not too chilly day in autumn.
Hope there will be some more.
Have a nice week!
Miss Maple


  1. I LOVE your colorful crocheted bag...and those pumpkins, ADORABLE! You are too good!

  2. Yay for beautiful autumn wear them so well...just gorgeous.
    It's the fabulous crochet bag all the way.......perfect.
    Love v

  3. Beautiful colours, you look gorgeous. All three bags are lovely, but the crochet wins for me! xxx

  4. I love fall colors too and super cute outfit- I think my favorite bag is the crochet one

  5. Hübsch siehst du aus. Ich mag die Farben besonders gerne - die sind so schön herbstlich! :)


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