Tuesday, 5 November 2013

First attempt: crocheting pumpkins

As Halloween is not that long ago I tried to crochet pumpkins and it was so much fun and really not that difficult. I couldn't stop before I had eight. Look!
 I want to make a few more! I'm literally hooked.

But then I want to give this project a try!
 I hope I will be able to crochet that. It looks so nice and the best: I have a similar jacket.
Happy hooking time to me!
And maybe to you too?
Miss Maple


  1. Those pumpkins are too sweet!! I thought they were real when I saw them in the photo. Good luck with the mushroom and leaf spray - awesome. They are perfect for a tweed jacket.

  2. These are so wonderfully darling! I love them all - and must share with you my first thought...just how much they look like the pumpkins we brought home from a local farmer's produce stand and carved on the big night itself. You did an awesome job these, my sweet friend!

    ♥ Jessica


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