Sunday, 6 October 2013

Two years anniversary!

I can't believe it! I'm blogging for two years now. And it's still fun and happiness everytime I write a new post. Never I had to force myself. That's my free time, my hobby. I don't need to demonstrate anything. But it's purest joy. And why? Because of you, my dear readers and commenters. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest in my thoughts, my outfits, my hobbies and my cooking. It's you that encourage me to go on and try new recipes, compose colourful outfits, arrange weird table decorations and so on. You're so very precious for me cause you light up hours and days that are dark and sad for several reasons. And for that I want to thank you even if we've never met or may never meet in the future. You should know that all of you are in my thoughts and heart cause you mean so much to me.

Have a great autumn coloured weekend!
Miss Maple


  1. Yes, blogging is good for the soul! Happy anniversary. xxx


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