Thursday, 10 October 2013

This time a canary!

This time I was a little bit more modest with colours and confined myself to only two colours -
a warm yellow and lime green. Canary colours! Yippie!
The canary in the garden:
 With triple ginger cake. Mmmh! Next time I'll give you the recipe. 
It's easy to make and sooo delicious. (If you like ginger)
 I'm going to bring that to my parents and we'll have a cosy afternoon tea.
 hat: C&A
jacket: H&M
scarf: knitted by me
skirt: sewn for me - my idea
boots: Gabor
The pink shrub in the background is Euonymus alatus. I think in English it's called burning bush. 
And it's so pretty in autumn.
Wish you the most colourful autumn days with mother nature!
Miss Maple


  1. You make such a pretty canary! I love those russet colours together against the autumnal landscape.

  2. Beautiful outfit! I love not only the colours at play here, but the lines of this ensemble - very feminine and classic. Ohhh, and those rich toffee hued boots? Total autumn footwear perfection!

    ♥ Jessica


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