Sunday, 6 October 2013

The parrot - ready to fly out!

Sometimes my poor soul feels a strong desire for colours and I dress in a range of vibrant colours. The more the better I think and so I use my red door as a bright background furthermore.
 Even if some fellow men may think that I'm looking a bit like a parrot. Yes - I want to look like a parrot or even be a parrot. Must be funny for some time.
 And who's that guy? Wanna hug? - No! Wanna go for a walk!
 Bye-bye! We're going to start our short flight.
Miss Maple


  1. Green, red and blue, with extra patterns? What's not to love?! What a gorgeous outfit. xxx

  2. That's awesome! I hear you loud and clear, my fellow vibrant colour adoring lady. My soul pines for bright, punchy hues sometimes as well, and it's rather uncommon for me to wear only neutrals and/or black point blank. With so many delightful, inspiring colours of the rainbow to pick from, I couldn't fathom pigeonholing myself with just a small selection.

    Three cheers for colours and what they can help do to lift our spirits!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Great minds think alike, I'm a bird in my latest post too! You make a most beautiful parrot in these lovely cheerful colours and contrasting prints.


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