Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New green dress with mandalas

Last week I got my new dress that has the most lovely vibrant green I've ever seen. 
It's from Qiero.
 And - premiere -  it's the first time that I bought clothes by mail order. I was lucky cause the dress fits like a glove and it's very comfortable. I can make every movement I want and I can ride my bike without any problems.
I like my autumn treasures! Orange - one of my favourite warm colours! I have a field of Chinese lanterns in my garden that soon will overgrow everything else that's around it. 
And I will make pumpkin soup in a few days. Yummy on chilly autumn days!
 Being so pleased with my new green dress I'm getting a bit more daring and I think about ordering a second dress from Qiero. This time a pink one. 
 What do you, my dear readers, think about this pink dress? 
Is that a colour that will suit me or not?
I think about teaming it with a mustard or an olive green corduroy blazer.
Have a nice week full of colourful autumn leaves.
Miss Maple


  1. Beautiful colour and print, and the style shows of your wonderful figure! Yes, I say go for the deep pink dress too, it's also lovely. xxx

  2. Oh green, it's my favorite color! :)

  3. beautiful dress. this colour looks fabulous on you.


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