Friday, 25 October 2013

Ginger cake dessert

I don't like to dump leftovers from our food. So I pondered what to make with the rest of triple ginger cake that was just a bit dried out. 
Ding- a-ling! What about using it for a dessert that I had to bring for a party with friends.
 I crumbled the cake between my hands until I got tiny crumbs, put them in glasses and soaked them with a tsp of rum. Then I mixed cream cheese, coconut milk, brown sugar and bourbon vanilla and folded in some whipped cream at last. After that I layered everything in the glasses by turns. On top I spread some pistachios - not for the taste but for the eye because I think their taste is not really scrumptious and almost never necessary.
 Tadah! It worked and was a highly coveted dessert. And so easy to make.
Btw in the background you can see a 1000 piece puzzle with a retro motive of the American fine artist REX RAY. It's the first puzzle I've ever made since my childhood and it was a nice experience to do something so completely useless again - to play again.
Do you like useless activities sometimes?
Have a nice weekend!
Miss Maple


  1. I love puzzles! I don't think of them as useless though. I think of them as brain exercise :)

  2. Your dessert looks lovely, though I confess to disagreeing with you about pistachios, I like the taste of them! But I agree about the look of them, very pretty.
    I am the world's worst jigsaw do-er! No patience, and I don't have the eye either! xxxx

  3. Goodness, do those dessert pots look so terrifically tasty. I'm the same way. I loath wasting food (which I know comes at least in part from the memories of certain times as a child when my family could hardly afford to put any on the table) and always try to use up our leftovers, too.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your beautiful comment on my vintage plaid vest outfit post. I love the subtle Christmas vibe that it gives off, too - which is suddenly especially fitting again, given that the big day is now less than two months away.


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