Sunday, 22 September 2013

Silvery cookie moulds

Last time when I looked through my large variety of cookie cutters I found these moulds. Some were presents, some were fleamarket finds and from others I can't remember how they found their way into my household.
 But can you help me? What can I do with them? Should I fill them with melted chocolate to make rather big chocolate bars, maybe too big to enjoy them really. Should I  fill them with dough to make something like muffins from them but maybe they will be too small or too flat.
I hope for your inspiration and creativity, my dear readers.
Have a warm and sunny autumn day!
Miss Maple

1 comment:

  1. These moulds are so cool! I was immediately drawn to the fish ones! I would make them into tiny cakes and decorate them with fun colors!
    P.S. you left me a comment about the show Pushing Daisies and I too loved that show so much! I was sad that it went away!



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