Sunday, 15 September 2013

Nettle and sesame seed bread rolls

In a cookbook about herbs I read that you can eat nettle seeds. A word and a blow! I took my disposable gloves, went to the back part of my garden and picked the nettle seeds. Ouch! Some of the urticating hairs went through the latex material.
 But what to do with these green pellets?
 I decided to make bread rolls and use the nettle seeds to spread over them.
 It was too boring to make one roll after the other. I like variation, so pretzels, bridge rolls and something like hedgehogs came out. I cut into the dough with the tip of my scissors and the outcome looked - um - nice, I think.
 The nettle seeds didn't taste of much. It's only a dainty unusual but still pleasant flavour. Try it!
 If you want to make bread rolls yourself. Here's the recipe:
430 gr flour
70 gr durum wheat semolina
1 p dried yeast
1 tsp heaped salt
1 tsp heaped sugar
warm water
milk to brush the rolls
nettle seeds
sesame seeds
some extra salt
or whatever you like
 I wanted to freeze some of the rolls but there was none left when I came back to the kitchen cause the kids ate all of them during the evening.
Wish you a wonderful week!
Miss Maple


  1. All this bread is making my mouth water! I have never though of using nettle seeds as something to bake with but sounds like I should try it! Thanks for the recipe!


  2. I know people cook using nettles but it isn't something I have ever tried. Your rolls look delicious! xxx

  3. this looks yummy!
    yeah, go and get those two tone shoes from deichmann, they from this fall collection and super comfy! they have them in a more 50s style (pointy, no t-strap) and as flats as well. 20 Euros!

  4. Großartig du hast wunderbares Gebäck gemacht.In deiner Küche hat es sicher gut geduftet.Lg.Edith.

  5. You really did a good job with it. I think it looked perfect. I must try it as it is quite promising. :)


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