Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Discovery of the self-timer!

You may think that Maple Trueheart might become a food blog somehow cause there are so many food themed posts last time. But no! Miss Maple found the self-timer on her camera so there will be more outfit photos in the future without having to disturb someone else. Today I tried some first pictures when I still wore my work outfit. Afterwords I took photos from my new dress which you will find in the next post.
Hey, I'm sooo happy! 
At last I found out how the self-timer works - without reading the manual!
Yeah, that's my way!
Or is it a typical women's way?
What do you think?
 Dressed in my autumn colours as it's this season again.
 Is everything working correctly?
 Aaah! These roses have a heavenly perfume!
 Wish you happy, sunny days out in the nature!
Miss Maple

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Silvery cookie moulds

Last time when I looked through my large variety of cookie cutters I found these moulds. Some were presents, some were fleamarket finds and from others I can't remember how they found their way into my household.
 But can you help me? What can I do with them? Should I fill them with melted chocolate to make rather big chocolate bars, maybe too big to enjoy them really. Should I  fill them with dough to make something like muffins from them but maybe they will be too small or too flat.
I hope for your inspiration and creativity, my dear readers.
Have a warm and sunny autumn day!
Miss Maple

Friday, 20 September 2013

Kitten love

I've just found this lovely picture here.
Isn't it too cute?
Miss Maple

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Nettle and sesame seed bread rolls

In a cookbook about herbs I read that you can eat nettle seeds. A word and a blow! I took my disposable gloves, went to the back part of my garden and picked the nettle seeds. Ouch! Some of the urticating hairs went through the latex material.
 But what to do with these green pellets?
 I decided to make bread rolls and use the nettle seeds to spread over them.
 It was too boring to make one roll after the other. I like variation, so pretzels, bridge rolls and something like hedgehogs came out. I cut into the dough with the tip of my scissors and the outcome looked - um - nice, I think.
 The nettle seeds didn't taste of much. It's only a dainty unusual but still pleasant flavour. Try it!
 If you want to make bread rolls yourself. Here's the recipe:
430 gr flour
70 gr durum wheat semolina
1 p dried yeast
1 tsp heaped salt
1 tsp heaped sugar
warm water
milk to brush the rolls
nettle seeds
sesame seeds
some extra salt
or whatever you like
 I wanted to freeze some of the rolls but there was none left when I came back to the kitchen cause the kids ate all of them during the evening.
Wish you a wonderful week!
Miss Maple

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The noma in Copenhagen - an unfulfillable dream

Every now and then I heard or read something about a very special restaurant in Copenhagen: the noma. And from the very first moment I knew that it would be a dream to go there one day. The chef René Redzepi is something like the herbalist in Haute Cuisine. The food reflects the Nordic nature. 
Now I found a website where a journalist reports about her visit at noma and she uploaded all the courses which are a lot. Enjoy!

 crispy cookie with red currant powder, bacon and pickled fir top
smoked quail's egg
carots and radishes in the flower pot
crispy bread with brown butter, herbs and vinegar powder

 raw squid with green strawberry ice, crème fraîche and dill
Norwegian crab ball on a jelly from mussels, sea rocket and purslane
musk ox tartar with horse radish, wood-sorrel, juniper and tarragon
Danish langoustine with oyster parsley emulsion and seaweed

 steamed spinach, tea, celleries and cheese
a tribute to the onions, chickweed and bouillon
Norwegian king crab, leeks in ash, mussel sauce and breadcrumbs
pickled vegetables with marrow, herbs and bouillon

 duck breast with tongue and heart, Indian cress, pear and leeks
cucumber, vervain, yoghurt and meringue
walnut powder, walnut ice cream, dried cream and dried berries
blueberries, blueberry ice cream, pine ice cream and pine ice, wild thyme blossoms, 
roasted bread and wood-sorrel

What an amazing variety of exotic dishes!
I would so much like to try every single course but I'm afraid this dream won't come true.
Have an adventurous weekend with lots of new things to try!
Miss Maple

Saturday, 7 September 2013

An autumnal weekend walk with Julie and corduroy slacks

Have you ever seen me in trousers? Not often surely. But here I am wearing my green corduroy trousers for a morning walk in the chilly air of the first autumn day.
Favourite colours!!!
And favourite bag from my stay in Norwich!
 These ol'boots need mending, expensive mending, but I cling to them and haven't found
 better ones up to now and last not least:
 There should be no waste, shouldn't it?
 Who's at my side? Ol'Julie
 "Julie, do smile for the camera, please! Cheeeeeese!"
And off we go!
Waving paws is not her style so let's leave it at that.
Have nice early autumnal days.
Miss Maple

A fantastic video about "monsters"

Enjoy this fairytale like and magic video!
Wish you some magic days!
Miss Maple
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