Saturday, 10 August 2013

Cherry jam and cherry compote

This year our little sour cherry tree produced 2 kilos of cherries. What a giant harvest!!!
It's more than ten years ago when I bought it at a garden market for only 5 €. It moved with us 9 years ago to our present garden where I planted it again and - surprise, surprise - it grew on again. In the first years we counted the cherries every summer. 16, 87 and so on.
But this year I picked 2 kilos which is a lot for this still small tree.
What to do with a bowl of ripe cherries?
I made up my mind to make jam and compote. Both refined with cinnamon and rum.
I served the jam on a brownie in a jar with a dollop of cottage cheese.
That tasted so yummy!
What did you do with your fruit harvest?
Have a wonderful nice weekend!
Miss Maple


  1. Oh, lucky you having your own cherries to harvest!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Oooh that cherry jam you made looks divine! Such lovely photos of your gorgeous cherry tree. Like you I've been very busy with our glut of garden fruit: there's been an explosion of blackcurrants, plus gooseberries, raspberries and tayberries so I spend most of my free time picking them and trying to find ways to bake them, bottle them or just enjoy them raw. I'm planning on making my first ever preserve this week, blackcurrant jam, wish me luck!

  3. Mmmm.... That looks delicious! We had a really good black-raspberry harvest this year. I used some over icecream, but the rest are in the freezer until the weather cools down enough to bake a couple pies.

  4. Great blog. Would you like to follow each ohter? - it would be fantastic;)


    Minnja Blog
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  5. Seriously jealous. :) How wonderful to have your own cherries and make preserves and all kinds of yummy things with them. x

  6. Mmm, those cherries look wonderful, and your jam and compote sound delicious. xxxx


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