Saturday, 31 August 2013

A treasure in a drawer

There are secret drawers in my house where I haven't looked in for ages. 
Would you like to have a look with me in one of these secret places?
 Let's open the drawer carefully - only a tiny bit. Oh, what could that be?
There's a silvery gleam beneath some dust.
 Let's draw a bit stronger - phew - the drawer jams.
A treasure, a real treasure, the silver service I got 20 years ago and a silver vase that was a present from my mum. I absolutely forgot that I own that.
Oh! In what a poor condition they are!
I have to take my silver polish and clean them immediately.
And not only silver polish is what I will need but also some blackberries to fill in after the cleaning action.
Aah! What gleaming and shining in my humble hut. Where are my sunglasses?
But something's missing! What else than a rose could fill that gap?
 More is more! Not only one rose - many roses, please!
Let's have a closer look!
 And closer!
 What's that inside the rose? Another secret?
 OMG! Another treasure?
 A sleeping green rose chafer! With his green shimmering shell!
How beautiful is nature whenever you have a closer look!
You can find treasures everywhere.
Wish you a shimmering day with secret treasures!
Miss Maple


  1. Beautiful shiny silver and wonderful roses....just perfect.
    Love V

  2. Such beautiful silver and roses. I love silver but oh I do NOT like cleaning it! xxx

  3. I really loved the anticipation of when you were opening your secret drawer! The tea set and vase are just beautiful and when they are all cleaned up the shine they give off! They make the perfect center pieces! The beetle was a neat surprise too!



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