Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Black polka dot dress and a new purse

That's my two years old polka dot dress. I think I've never shown it here although it's very nice to wear on hot summer days.Our pond is full of water lilies. You can't see almost any water at all.
 And here's my new purse that I bought at our local second hand shop "Oldies but Goldies". It's a Jamin Puech one. He's a French designer and I must say I've never heard of him before and I don't like lots of his purses but this one is great, isn't it. It's not true vintage because it's only some years old but I think it looks as if it was produced many decades ago and that's ok for me.
 What's mistress doing? Who's interested in bags? That's a really boring topic.
 Julie, do you want some strokes? - Oh yes, the more the better!
 But what have I heard there over the pond? That's a really interesting noise!
 BTW the brooch is thrifted too. It was only 50 cent but goes so well with the peter pan collar, doesn't it?
I feel that a little twirl could be right now to celebrate the summer days and my pretty new purse.
 No sooner said that done!
 Ok that's enough. Let's be less pretentious.
 When it's a little bit colder I usually wear my black beret with my summer dress.
 Have a lot of warm summer days so that you can wear all your summer dresses and enjoy warm evenings outside with your beloved ones.,
Miss Maple


  1. Such a pretty dress, very flattering cut on you, and I love that you have a pond with water lilies! xxxx

  2. Oh a pond with water-lilies.....that's magical.
    The polka-dot dress is just so pretty on you.....I just love the Peter Pan collar.
    Yay summer and hot days.
    Love V

  3. Everything about your outfit is so timelessly lovely. You look gorgeous, dear gal! I adore small white polka dots on a crisp black background like this. I have a couple of pieces in a similar pattern and wear them often. You just can't go wrong with their classic cuteness and elegance.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Such a pretty dress, a classic style that suits you perfectly!


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