Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mini Madeleines and Dinky Muffins

I tried these two moulds that I bought at Lakeland's in Cambridge during my England stay.
They only were 4.99 pounds and that's a lot cheaper than in Germany where I always have to pay 17.99 € for similar moulds. The moulds were also great because I didn't grease them and the pastry went out easily anyway.
 I used this very easy recipe:
100 gr butter
100gr caster sugar
2 eggs
125 gr flour
I only added some cocoa, melissa from my garden and a bit of milk to make the dough a bit more fluid so that there won't be small holes in the baked pastry.
For the icing I melted chocolate with a bit of cream and I used this same mixture to fill the madeleines.
 I had a lot of fun playing around with these.
Everything on this picture is thrifted and the peonies are from my garden. 
I saved them from the constant rain last weekend.
I particularly love the pastry bowl on feet. It's rather sugary but I like it anyway. I've seldom seen anything like that.
Have a really nice and maybe sugary weekend.
Miss Maple


  1. Very pretty - your table always looks beautiful. Lakeland products have a good reputation, a lot of bakers swear by them. xxx

  2. woow... this is some Yummi :)
    and do not miss.....


    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  3. I haven't prepared cookies for a long time, but sometimes I make a wonderful yoghurt cake with no fats!

  4. Look at that table with all the exquisite thrifted (!!!!!!) crockery. What a beautiful sight. I've never seen a ceramic bowl with feet before, so special and oh my, sweet treat eats!!!! xoxo

  5. Put on the kettle, my dear friend, I think I might just have to hop over the Atlantic and come for a visit if you keep baking up fabulously scrumptious treats like this! :) (I wish!!!)

    ♥ Jessica


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