Thursday, 6 June 2013

Lilac syrup

My daughter tried to make lilac syrup last weekend because she couldn't find elderflowers yet. 
And it came out a very nice pink syrup that tastes not too perfumy
 but sweet with a very dainty blossomy taste.
 The recipe:
5 lilac umbels
750 gr sugar
1 l water
1 organic lemon in slices
10 gr citric acid

Heat the water and the sugar until the sugar is disolved. Let this cool down. Then add only the lilac blossoms, not the stringy stem. Add the lemon slices and the citric acid and allow to infuse for six days. But don't forget to stir once a day. Filter off and fill in bottles. That's so easy! Try it!
You can mix the syrup with water on ice or better with bubbly. Mmmh!
Or you can perfume your desserts with a dash of lilac syrup.
Next time when I will bake muffins I'm going to perfume the icing with lilac syrup. 
I'm so curious about the outcome.
Maybe I can colour the icing violet with food colouring or better pink with a wee dash of hibiscus tisane.
Let me know if you do something fun with this, or if you give it your own twist.
 Do you love lilac like I do?
Happy experiments!
Miss Maple


  1. Oh I just LOVE lilac........the neighbors at our old home had a very large one that would tumble over the fence every summer.......the scent is straight from heaven.
    Oh the little table setting is so very beautiful.........
    Have a perfect weekend sweet.
    love V

  2. How terrifically lovely sounding! I'm a huge fan of edible florals, yet, come to think of it, don't recall ever eating lilacs (one of my very favourite flowers, too). I must try my hand at cooking with them soon, too. Thank you (and your daughter) for the inspiration.

    ♥ Jessica


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