Thursday, 27 June 2013

An étagère of vintage china

Last time I tried to pile up a huge tower of my beloved vintage china, decorated with pastry and fruit. Look what has come out! I'm really pleased with it. Too bad that it's a very wonky building. 
I dare not making it for guests unless I would paste it together with a very strong glue.
But I want to use the plates and cups again afterwards.
So what can I do. Any ideas?
In the background peonies from my garden.
I liked the pink and white mint sweets when I was a child.
The wee little vintage coffee pot is a present from my mother.
My grandmother's old silver spoon.
The teapot with a face is a present from my children and the only new bought thing in these pictures.
I'm so smitten with my étagère that I have to show you all the photos. I wasn't able to delete any of them.
Wish you a happy weekend where someone will spoil you with sweet little cakes.
Miss Maple


  1. What an amazing confection! A little too precarious for my home and kids though! But terribly pretty.
    Have a lovely weekend. xxxx

  2. Oooohh, what a deliciously lovely, whimsical, gorgeously constructed spread! With a rambunctious puppy and curious cat around the house, I'd not likely be brave enough to stack china like this at the moment - but I sure do wish we lived nearby and I could come over to admire your handiwork in person. :)

    Happiest weekend wishes, my dear friend!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. OH! I adore your vintage china all stacked up with lots of goodies! It would make for such a lovely teatime for sure! I am participating in 'A Fanciful Twists' Mad Tea Party and you have given me some wonderful ideas for it. Thank you for posting all of the charming photos.
    Teresa in California

  4. What a nice idea you have had. Everything is perfect!Beautiful colourful tower...

  5. Dear Sweet Miss Maple,

    How could you delete any?! I love your teapot sculpture. And the peonies look like they are beautiful indeed. Is there anything better than fresh flowers? I need to plant some peonies. I am starting over in a new garden after leaving behind a garden that was 23 years established. I need peonies! I don't have any here yet.


  6. What a great idea! Could you use floral tape to hold it together for guests? Because this really should NOT be missed! It's lovely. (this is Wende from Evidently. . . I signed in under my other blog. :D )

  7. this is so pretty!

    I have totally fallen in love with your blog, it's so beautiful and creative! :D

    hugs from Matilda


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