Thursday, 27 June 2013

An étagère of vintage china

Last time I tried to pile up a huge tower of my beloved vintage china, decorated with pastry and fruit. Look what has come out! I'm really pleased with it. Too bad that it's a very wonky building. 
I dare not making it for guests unless I would paste it together with a very strong glue.
But I want to use the plates and cups again afterwards.
So what can I do. Any ideas?
In the background peonies from my garden.
I liked the pink and white mint sweets when I was a child.
The wee little vintage coffee pot is a present from my mother.
My grandmother's old silver spoon.
The teapot with a face is a present from my children and the only new bought thing in these pictures.
I'm so smitten with my étagère that I have to show you all the photos. I wasn't able to delete any of them.
Wish you a happy weekend where someone will spoil you with sweet little cakes.
Miss Maple

Monday, 24 June 2013

Strawberry fields forever

Last week I went picking stawberries in a field at the end of my street. It was more then 30°C and I was bathed in perspiration but anyway I couldn't stop picking until I had almost five kilograms ...
 ... because the weather forecast was bad and I was afraid that a lot of rain may 
spoil all the pleasant-tasting berries.
 But what to do with five kilograms of strawberries?
 I decided to make jam, ...
... strawberry sauce for the freezer, ...
 and stawberry ice-cream ...
 ... as a treat for the many hot summer days that I hope will come again.
Have happy summer days with lots of ice-cream and strawberry tarts.
Miss Maple

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Bunting Love

Look at this small variety of buntings I made for Yarndale.
 I'm hooked on crocheting buntings at the moment.
  I want to keep only the wee one for me.
 I got such a kick out of making these. Maybe I'm going to create another one. Just for the fun of it.
Have a nice Sunday!
Miss Maple

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Gypsy caravans

I lately found out two things about me that I didn't know before:
1. I've got the travel bug and my favourite dream is to go to New Zealand and Australia
and to England, England, England of course.
 2. I fell in love with those gypsy caravans that I saw in some blogs out there.They're looking so colourful and cosy and old-fashioned at the same time.
How would it be to combine both and make a tour with such a home on wheels?
Rather unrealistic maybe, but a heart-warming dream.
An illuminated gypsy caravan must be the purest joy at night.

That's Jeanne Bayol, the queen of gypsy caravans also called "roulottes" in French. She wrote two books about these magical vehicles.

Oh, how I want to be free of all obligations and go through the world in a gypsy caravan.
Who wants to come with me?
Happy days to us!
Miss Maple

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A present for my mum

Last time I was on the way to visit my mum and bring her presents, that means illustrated books about gardening and decoration, cause she likes reading them so much. 
I wore two of my favourite warm spring colours, yellow and lime green
 My seemstress sewed the skirt for me and used my favourite pattern. And what's more she added hidden pockets on each side of my skirt cause I find it handy to have some.
My daughter gave me the shoes cause she didn't like them but I think they're perfect to match a pale outfit.
 That's how my mother laid the table with her favourite pink china. 
Most of the items are from op shops and antique stores as well.
At last she's my mother and maybe it's in our genes.
Mummy is a talented decorator.
But what's inside this gift?
Well, I found a book about romantic knitting that's both available in German and English.
 I think I must borrow that next time.
There are so many ideas for dainty and delicate knit projects inside. 
And the photos are marvellous and inspiring.
Too bad that you can't look inside the book on Amazon.

Mummy is a highly gifted baker too. The chocolate tart had a hidden surprise inside. 
Bite by bite you get to the gooey middle of chocolatey heaven.
Three cheers for our lovely mummies!
Have a happy day and visit your mummies!
Miss Maple
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