Monday, 6 May 2013

England part I - Departure

Back home again. A bit tired but happy from tip to toe. My stay in England was a complete success. I loved everything: the family I lived in, the language course, the beautiful town, the food and the people I met. But one after the other. First of all you can see me at home right before I started my trip.
 I wore the new flower skirt that my seamstress sewed for me recently.
 Goodbye Julie!
 I like my red polka dot hand luggage.
Stay tuned for lovely pictures of England.
Have a great sunny week!
Miss Maple


  1. Yay! I am glad to hear you had a nice time! I love your outfit.

  2. So pleased your stay here in the UK was successful! Your travelling outfit is lovely, great colours. Happy to see that trademark beret of yours went with you! xxx

  3. What a classy, beautifully stylish traveling ensemble. I always love to dress up a touch when I travel by plane (which, admittedly is not very often), too. One can just as easily be as comfortable in a skirt, dress, or well tailored trousers as they can in sweats, which have become the "uniform" of travel for so many these days.

    I'm thrilled to know that you had a marvelous trip!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Glad you had a wonderful time in England, welcome back! You look so pretty in that gorgeous outfit, travelling in style! Such a lovely trench coat with that floral skirt peeking out.

  5. Your outfit is great for travelling and the hat gives you a special brightness

  6. Great outfit! Looks like we have a similar style. Love the fit of your coat and the beautiful pattern mixing. Well done!

    blue hue wonderland


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