Thursday, 30 May 2013

A colourful bunting storm for Yarndale

Hey girls, did you know that Lucy from Attic24 wants us to help her create a giant bunting for Yarndale, the festival of creativity in Skipton/North Yorkshire.
 Let's help her and crochet buntings over buntings for her. If you want to learn more about this crazy project pop over to her blog Attic24 for the details.
I started immediately after seeing her granny triangles with these two flower triangles
 and I have ideas for a lot more.
 How do you like them?
I saw fabulous granny buntings on this blog Crochet with Raymond too:
I like this idea of buntings with tassels so very much and want to make it for our next summer party.
Happy crochet!!!
Miss Maple

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

England part V - Biddy's Tea Room

You may think that I only sat in restaurants when I was in England. No, that's not right but I enjoyed the lunck break when I sat there and had delicious meals with my classmates. So this time I'm going to present you Biddy's Tea Room which is a vintage tea house and the lovliest place in Norwich I found. Look here:
Come in and have a look around.
I want a Union Jack cushion like that in the leather chair:
What great old-fashioned lampshades in the shop window.
There was vintage china all over the walls. And you can buy everything and it's not expensive but unfortunately there was no free space in my suitcase.
This was china for dolls.
Let's go upstairs now.
I want a teapot that looks like a cottage.
Have you ever seen a pirate teapot?
Such delicious cakes and the gramophone really worked.
There were buntings of every kind everywhere such as lace buntings ...
... or paper buntings.
We had afternoon tea in Biddy's Tea Room. First we got our tea in a nice vintage teapot.
 Then we got lavender scones with lemon curd and clotted cream, fruit scones with strawberry jam, stilton-apple sandwiches and tuna sandwiches on a tiered stand. Mmmmmh, that was really jummy! I tried lemon curd for the first time in my life and found it heavenly. Must make that myself next time.
 I'm already homesick for Norwich and it's lovely places. I was so happy there.
Have a cozy Sunday, maybe with a nice cup of tea.
Miss Maple

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

England part IV - Louis Deli

You know that I was in Norwich for a language course. Every morning when we had a break we went to Louis Deli across the street for our daily cappucino and I had the plan to try a different kind of Louis' seductive cakes every day that I spent there. Thanks to my lovely classmates I was even able to try small bites from their cakes so I could taste more different ones than I had thought first and I'm saying it aloud:
 British cakes are really delicious!!!
I must find a few recipes on the Internet and bake them myself soon.
 I managed to try:
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Eccles Cake
Chocolate Tiffin
(brought some home for my family)
Fruit Frangipane Tart
Bakewell tart
Fudgy Brownie
unfortunately I missed the famous Treacle Tart
and I can't decide at all which one was the best
The lovely inside and outside of Louis Deli:

They had appetizing bread as well but - you know - my plan ...
And other delicious food:
The lovely ladies from the staff:
My classmates took a photo from me in front of the cake display and said: 
"We're sure you'd like to pack the complete shop and take it home with you." 
Yes, Sir! That's it.
Have a sunny week!
Miss Maple

Monday, 13 May 2013

England part III - Nice views

Some nice views from Norwich:
The Royal Arcade
 The Mustard Shop in the Royal Arcade where I bought the famous Norwich mustard powder to make Mostarda di Frutta which is an Italian recipe for mustard with dried fruit.
 Out and about in the city:
Out and about in the Golden Triangle, also called the Notting Hill of Norwich:
 Have a nice week wherever you are!
Miss Maple

Sunday, 12 May 2013

England part II

A really nice and lovely restaurant and pub where my host Emma took me one evening for a glass of wine.
The Mulberry in Norwich:
 Lovely lampshades and buntings were inside.
It's a really lovely place. They had a Mad Hatter'sTea Party as well.
Have a sunny weekend!
Miss Maple
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