Monday, 15 April 2013

If I would go to Tweed Run London

Maybe there will come a time in my life where I can take part in a Tweed Run in London or elsewhere in the world. Then I would wear that outfit.

 If there was a chill breeze, I would quickly put on my coat.
 And maybe Julie would accompany me.
  Hahaha! How nice and funny would that be!
 In April 2012 I tried these two imaginary outfits for my Tweed Run dream.
I would like to see your imaginary Tweed Run outfits. Please let me know!
Have warm and sunny days wherever you are.
Miss Maple


  1. They would all be perfect outfits for the occasion! Love that your cardigan matches the daffodils. xxx

  2. I love your outfit and the pictures!! Perfect! I hope you get to ride in the tweed run some day.


  3. Tweed perfection. You look marvelous. You will get a chance to do it one day.

  4. I like your outfit. Your dog is so sweet, I m huge doge lover :)

  5. well, well don't you look incredibly classy! i feel like i'm seeing a vogue spread in the british country side. and how sweet looking is julie :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  6. I completely adore that you have a Tweed Run outfit waiting in the wings should you ever have a chance to attend. Though I've not been physically able to ride a bike for over a decade now, there are scarcely words for how much I wish I could attend, too. Perhaps they'd let me do a Tweet Wheel (as in my wheelchair) or very leisurely paced walk. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Love the outfits!! May I ask what type of bike you have? I have been looking into buying a new one and yours looks beautiful :)

  8. All beautiful outfits. I have seen the Tweed Run on another blog, what a hoot! I adore all your choices especially the socks!

    blue hue wonderland


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