Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Dinner in spring

What to do with fresh green asparagus in spring? 
 Especially when Mr W had an awful hard day and came home not before 9 pm.
  I decided to fry the asparagus and serve it with self-made herb waffles and gorgonzola-cream-sauce.
Btw I bought the blue plates today for 1 € one at the opshop around the corner.

 It was so yummy with a bit of white wine.
 The waffles didn't take much time and it was fun to make them. Next time I'll try sweet ones. With strawberries. Mmmh!
Have a wonderful sunny weekend.
Miss Maple


  1. How funny, I bought asparagus today too! I do a lovely recipe where they are baked with butter, pancetta and parmasan. Not very healthy but oh so delicious! The waffles and sauce look delicious too. xxxx

  2. As a HUGE fan of savoury food, rather than sweet, I am absolutely drooling over your amazing herb waffles and my how delicious your meal looks! I do hope Mr W enjoyed his delicious late supper:) xoxo

  3. This lovely springtime dish would be a huge hit with Tony - gorgonzola and asparagus are two of his all-time favourite foods.

    ♥ Jessica


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