Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Dinner in spring

What to do with fresh green asparagus in spring? 
 Especially when Mr W had an awful hard day and came home not before 9 pm.
  I decided to fry the asparagus and serve it with self-made herb waffles and gorgonzola-cream-sauce.
Btw I bought the blue plates today for 1 € one at the opshop around the corner.

 It was so yummy with a bit of white wine.
 The waffles didn't take much time and it was fun to make them. Next time I'll try sweet ones. With strawberries. Mmmh!
Have a wonderful sunny weekend.
Miss Maple

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bits and bobs from fleamarkets

 I enjoyed composing these fleamarket finds from the last years 
in front of the herbs on the kitchen window sill.
 Someday I want to use the doll's china for another mad tea party, maybe I will hang them in branches.
 I simply love vintage china of every size.
 That's this year's handpainted Easter egg from my mother. She's a real artist and every year we three sisters get handpainted Easter eggs with another scene. Do you recognize the kidneywort?
I got these in the last four years. Aren't they fabulous?
Have wonderful flower-filled days!
Miss Maple

Thursday, 18 April 2013

My British birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and see what my dear children made for me:
It's because I'm going to go to Great Britain in ten days for a language course. I'm a little bit nervous and very excited. I'm going to live in a family and attend courses at the language institute in the mornings and in the afternoons.
I made these mini-cakes for my birthday guests. I bought the moulds some time ago and was eager to use them for several weeks. And of course I tried different flavours:
peanut-butter & vanilla
choco & rum 
orange & lemon peel
amaretto & fig
(amaretto is an almond flavoured liqueur)
And I decorated them like that with some vintage plates:
 These were some of my presents:
 I'm going to show you the inside of the parcels another time.
 My mother painted another egg for me. Isn't the girl so cute?
It was a really wonderful and pleasant day with many hugs and kisses from relatives and friends and oh so many telephone calls. Why couldn't there be birthday every day?
Wish you a nice weekend!
Miss Maple

Monday, 15 April 2013

If I would go to Tweed Run London

Maybe there will come a time in my life where I can take part in a Tweed Run in London or elsewhere in the world. Then I would wear that outfit.

 If there was a chill breeze, I would quickly put on my coat.
 And maybe Julie would accompany me.
  Hahaha! How nice and funny would that be!
 In April 2012 I tried these two imaginary outfits for my Tweed Run dream.
I would like to see your imaginary Tweed Run outfits. Please let me know!
Have warm and sunny days wherever you are.
Miss Maple

Saturday, 13 April 2013

London Tweed Run - 13 April 2013

It's the fifth time that there's Tweed Run in London. And OMG without me again! I would so much like to be there. I want to be even a tiny mouse to be able to have a look at those lovely ladies and elegant chaps.

Maybe someday in my life I'll find a way to be part of a Tweed Run elsewhere. 
Or I have to initiate one in my town.
Who knows!

Have a wonderful sunny weekend, maybe on your bikes!
Miss Maple

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Polka Dots Collage

Soon it will be warmer and I can put away winter coats and boots. And I can wear my lovely polka dot clothes again. You can see larger pictures:

Hope you like them.
Have happy spring days!
Miss Maple

The Age of Miracles

 Such a wonderful song from Mary Chapin Carpenter,
 an American folk and country music singer and songwriter. 

The past comes upon you like smoke on the air
You can smell it and find yourself gone
To a place that you lived without worry or care
Isn't that where we all once came from

Green leaves and tall trees and stars overhead
And the sound of the world through the screen
But now you sleep with the covers pulled over your head
And you never remember to dream

You think you're just standing still
One day you'll get up that hill
In the age of miracles
Is one on the way

Greenland is melting, the west is on fire
But don't ever stop praying for rain
It's a curious place between hope and desire
Different gods, but the prayer is the same

And thousand-year storms seem to form on a breeze
Drowning all living things in their paths
And when a small southern town finds a rope in a tree
We're all once again trapped in the past

It seems we're just standing still
One day we'll get up that hill
In the age of miracles
Is one on the way

We can fly through space with the greatest of ease
We can land in the dust of the moon
We can transform our lives with the tap of the keys
Still we can't shake this feeling of doom
 But I woke to find monks pouring into the streets
Marching thousands strong into the rain
Now if courage comes dressed in red robes and bare feet
I will never be fearful again

If I'm just standing still
One day I'll get up that hill
In the age of miracles
 Is one on the way

Seems we're just standing still
One day we'll ride up that hill
In the age of miracles
There's one on the way
There's one on the way
There's one on the way
There's one on the way
There's one on the way
There's one on the way


Don't you love it?
Miss Maple 

Friday, 5 April 2013

Granny squares purse

Finished!!! My Granny Squares purse is finished.
It took longer than I thought but it was joy from the very first moment to the last.
And the result pleased me.
Do you remember? This was the inspiration.
 Someone is disturbing me all the time. She wants to go for a walk every time I put on a coat.
 But it's awfully cold outside again and I changed my coat and shoes to be all geared up for the winter weather with ice cold East winds.
 Some tender loving care for July and yes, we're going for a walk in a few minutes.
Why do we always do what our pets want?
Have a good time!
Miss Maple

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Remains from Easter

These are some after Easter pictures from what was left from the table decoration.
The blue cat tin was a fleamarket bargain for 50 ct and stands for the Cheshire cat from "Alice in Wonderland". In German her name is "Grinsekatze" which means smirking cat.
My 10 year old niece made the two Easter cards next to the silver foil eggs.
 Have a cosy day!
Miss Maple

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter kaffeeklatsch for my family

On Easter Sunday my sisters with their family and my parents came to me in the afternooon. So I baked on Saturday with the help of my daughter, my nephew and my niece. We had lots of fun and tried making cake pops, a lamb and an Easter bunny. Afterwards I made three kinds of Gugls but I forget to take a picture, too bad! They were so nice on the cake stand with a tiny bit of cream and an even tinier chocolate drop on top.
 I tried to create a somehow "mad teaparty" feeling and used my vintage china collection and my beloved colourful glass.
I was inspired by the mad teaparties of Vanessas blog "A fanciful twist".
 This year I didn't dye the eggs but I wrapped them in silver paper to match the table decoration.
 I wanted to make "Eat me" and "Drink me" signs for the cakes and the teapots to complete the "Alice in Wonderland" theme but suddenly the time was over and the guests came in so I canceled all my ideas, hugged my relatives and we started to eat and drink and chat and have fun all the afternoon until late in the evening.
 We had too much from everything cause my sister brought a delicious lavender chocolate cake and there are mountains of sweet things left. I think we can eat cake for days and we must not take notice of the calls of the scales.
After we had had a real winter day on Easter Sunday again everyone has only one wish:
Let spring come not only on the Easter tables but outside also.
I hope you too had happy days with your friends and relatives.
A warm embrace to everyone out in the blogosphere.
Miss Maple
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