Friday, 22 February 2013

Vintage spring spirit

Bought a bunch of pink tulips and played around. That's what came out. Do you like it?
 All the crockery is thrifted except the teapot girl. It's from Miss Étoile, a Danish brand.
The cupboard in the background was my grandmother's. Originally it was black cause in the beginning of the 20th century black furniture was very popular. Grandmother Maria owned a complete dining room with table, chairs and a dresser in black. In the 70s this cupboard was used to store tools in an attic. But late in the 80s it found it's way to my home and we painted it off-white. On top of the cupboard you can see my collection of transparent vases, collected within 20 years.
 The cupboard is filled with treasures from fleamarkets and op shops 
and there's almost no space left for more finds. Too bad!
Have a nice time while waiting for spring.
Miss Maple


  1. I really do! You've created a beautiful, cheery still life and ode to sweet loveliness of pink and white together.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. The tulips and the teacups look wonderful! I like the cupboard too, I'm interested to know more about the fashion for black furniture too

  3. Loving your teapots. I am currently on the hunt for teapots and tea cups for a Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party!!


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