Saturday, 23 February 2013

Pleated skirt and different hats I

 I bought this fur hat at a fleamarket but I want to sell it cause I think it's too small for my head.
I nearly slipped and fell on the icy terrace while my son was taking the photos.
Didn't your mother tell you not to go on ice in 10 cm heels?
The velvet bag is handmade but not from me.
 I'm completely over the moon with this feather hat, another fleamarket bargain for 7 €.
 Coloured feathers on my head, are there really things that I need more?
 Have a feathery day with lots of fun!
Miss Maple


  1. Oh the feather hat is just lovely.
    Looking so very pretty in the snow Miss Maple.
    Happy weekend sweet.
    Love V

  2. That hat is totally worth swooning over the moon. Very cute! Love your skirt too.

  3. Both of these hats are fantastic! I adore curly Persian lamb's wool and feathered toppers alike. I think that if you sewed a little bit of elastic onto the black hat to use as a chin strap (or, alternatively, tucked under your hair in the back), you could totally wear that one as a tilt hat (and thus it would fit better).

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Gorgeous hats! And such a pretty skirt too. Hope it wasn't too cold in the snow! xxx

  5. Both hats really suit you, even if one is too small! I love your skirt and polka dot tights too!

  6. Looking so glamorous in the snow! I love the hats on you, and those tights and heels are amazing, glad you didn't break your neck as it must have been so slippery (I lived in wellies throughout our snowy spell)!


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