Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Green things in my bathroom

An array of green earrings, self-made, gifted or self-bought.

 On my basin.

 Green towels.

My frogs, ducks and one dinosaur.

 Green tins.

My mermaid isn't complete green but she owns at least a glittery green fish tail.
Have a nice start of the week!
Miss Maple


  1. Dear Miss Maple,

    I love the green touches in your bathroom! Love the tins! I need to paint a bathroom here, and something with green is definitely on the list of possibilities.


  2. Love the mermaid, what a fab thing to have in your bathroom! xx

  3. lots of lovely delicious green, fantastic bathroom! xxx

  4. Much as Pantone did when they selected emerald for their colour for 2013, so too am I making green my hue for this year. I've always loved it, but own very little on the wardrobe front and am making a conscious effort to change that this year. To that effect, I've already been able to thrift an emerald sweater and a grass green cardi, and I very recently bought a charming emerald-forest green 40s hat on eBay. Can't wait to see what other great green pieces will land in my closet before the year is up.

    ♥ Jessica


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