Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pleated skirt and different hats II

A Zara hat that I bought with my daughter when I visited a Zara shop for the first time.
 It has such a pretty vintage style.

 And my dear old bald branches hat. That's the hat I really wear on winter days on a daily basis.
It's very soft inside and very comfortable to wear.

Have some more happy white winter days. Here winter will not end so soon.
Miss Maple

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Pleated skirt and different hats I

 I bought this fur hat at a fleamarket but I want to sell it cause I think it's too small for my head.
I nearly slipped and fell on the icy terrace while my son was taking the photos.
Didn't your mother tell you not to go on ice in 10 cm heels?
The velvet bag is handmade but not from me.
 I'm completely over the moon with this feather hat, another fleamarket bargain for 7 €.
 Coloured feathers on my head, are there really things that I need more?
 Have a feathery day with lots of fun!
Miss Maple

Friday, 22 February 2013

Vintage spring spirit

Bought a bunch of pink tulips and played around. That's what came out. Do you like it?
 All the crockery is thrifted except the teapot girl. It's from Miss Étoile, a Danish brand.
The cupboard in the background was my grandmother's. Originally it was black cause in the beginning of the 20th century black furniture was very popular. Grandmother Maria owned a complete dining room with table, chairs and a dresser in black. In the 70s this cupboard was used to store tools in an attic. But late in the 80s it found it's way to my home and we painted it off-white. On top of the cupboard you can see my collection of transparent vases, collected within 20 years.
 The cupboard is filled with treasures from fleamarkets and op shops 
and there's almost no space left for more finds. Too bad!
Have a nice time while waiting for spring.
Miss Maple

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Green things in my bathroom

An array of green earrings, self-made, gifted or self-bought.

 On my basin.

 Green towels.

My frogs, ducks and one dinosaur.

 Green tins.

My mermaid isn't complete green but she owns at least a glittery green fish tail.
Have a nice start of the week!
Miss Maple

Monday, 18 February 2013

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Winter Weddings

Found some dreamy pics of winter weddings. Enjoy!



Not snow but cherry blossoms.

Winter bride or Queen of Snow?
 She looks so fresh-faced and lovely.


Which bride do you like best?
Have a happy winter day!
Miss Maple
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