Monday, 7 January 2013

Winter whites

Facing the cold winter night with all my white clothes.
 Dress, pearl-covered beret, flower and tights are H&M.
Have a happy winter day in white.
Miss Maple


  1. Love those fab spotty tights! Happy new year! Sarah xxx

  2. I love winter whites, especially with dotted legs!! The beret and huge flower are also so unique and gorgeous. Love these photos.

  3. so sweet! I love the tights with the lovely white dress and beret! xx

  4. Love your all white look and just the right amount of pizazz with those fabulous tights! Love it!


  5. Ooohh, it's been ages since I last played with sparklers - now you've got me yearning to rush out and buy a pack. Perhaps I'll refrain for now, but I'm thinking Valentine's Day this year definitely needs sparklers! :)

    Your outfit is so cute and fun! Those polka dot tights are fabulous!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you deeply for your immensely sweet comment on my wig reveal post. It truly means a lot to me. ♥


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