Friday, 25 January 2013

Putting away the last Christmas decorations

In Germany we have no Christmas tree before Christmas Eve. But in some Catholic parts and in the Catholic churches there's a tradition to keep the Christmas tree till Candlemas, that's 2nd February. Well, that's a really long time. Maybe too long.
I put away the last Christmas ornaments and we took a quick photo outside cause they match my outfit and the snow covered nature so well.
I collected all the glass ornaments over the years in an op shop for almost nothing. 
I like best the pink tree toppers although I've never used them for this purpose.
Have a great day!
Miss Maple


  1. Brrr, it looks cold where you are. But you warm things right up! I love warm colors too as I read in your profile. Can't get enough of it and the stores sure don't put out enough. Thrift stores either. More mustard and rust please!! ;)

    I liked what you said on my blog about not having your own room. I only had my own bedroom to myself maybe for 3 years out of my entire life. I crave the alone time occasionally so I have a tiny little bedroom up in my attic to get away from it all.

    You have a great blog, I'm following now!

  2. Like Joni says, you looks so sweet and cozy in the snow and so warm:)). I love your glass bowl of decorations, they look so colourful and delicate:) xoxo

  3. Miss Maple Trueheart, How charming! I think that you should have a photo pretending to be skating in this outfit and then next years Christmas card design is sorted! The white on white looks so good. /:-)

  4. The bowl of pastel baubles is so pretty i'd be tempted to leave them out, just so, at least until spring. Perhaps in germany the decoration are more diverse but here in nz its very hard to get baubles in shades other than silver, red and green so i have a growing collection of old second hand ones too, turcoise is my fave but that pink is tugging at my heart strings!
    Thanks so much for linking up again, lovely to have you over x

  5. We had such a wonderful, picturesquely lovely holiday season that I could scarcely bring myself to take down our decorations this year. I left them up longer than usual and was rather sad to take them down eventually. We just don't have enough holidays to decorate for here in Canada, but I am working on building up my (wee little) Easter decor collection, so at least I know I'll have a few festive things to put up again in a couple of months.

    Your outfit here is so immensely sweet and charming! I just love soft hues and pastels during the winter months.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I agree, you just need some skates and you would be on chocolate boxes and Christmas cards everywhere. I'm a stickler for keeping the decorations up until the 12 day, but couldn't image waiting until Feb 2. Such patience.


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