Monday, 28 January 2013

A teapot with a face

Another soft pale outfit for matching the snowy scenery. And look what my sweet children gave me for Christmas! The cutest of cute tea pots: a tea pot that looks at me.
I love my boy and my girl.
The teapot is from the Danish brand Miss √ątoile. Make sure to visit their website. They have the most beautiful china and cake decorations you can imagine.
 dress: H&M borrowed from my daughter
blouse: retail
beaded bag with fans on it: thrifted for 10 €
flowers and tights: H&M
shoes: Pesaro borrowed from my daughter

Have a dreamy white winter day!
Miss Maple


  1. Such a cute dress with the light peachy ruffles, perfect with polka-dot tights.
    Love V

  2. The pastel and polka dots combination is dreamy! I love your teapot, I would love to have a whole cabinet full of their stuff, it reminds me so much of the teapots in Beauty and the Beast :D

  3. Love to see another woman as crazy I as I am when it comes to what shoes to wear in the snow. What a darling outfit, it makes the winter seem like a wonderland. And, I'm so loving your tea pot. Your a woman after my own heart.

  4. wow, you look super cute, the teapot resembles an elephant:))

  5. wow! I really love that teapot, it's stunning. You look great, I love all these soft pastel colours and the polka dots too xx

  6. What a marvelously adorable, whimsical teapot! It looks like something that might have sprung to life in the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Such a sweet look! I just love your ruffled dress and those tights are fabulous! That teapot is so special! I really, really want one too!


  8. Oh Miss Maple, stay my thumping heart!!! First you produce the most glorious teapot that would cause me to double my already enormous tea intake, then I scroll down and you're flaunting the most outrageously, gorgeously beautiful outfit in Bloglandia!! Oh the dress is divine and how marvellous you can share with your daughter and THOSE TIGHTS - gah!!!! Amazing!!! xoxoxo

  9. your looking lovely as always miss maple. and your making me re-evaluate pastels, because here they look wonderful in the snow not just the sun. the teapot is very cute, what a great gift.
    the thrifted clutch bag is really beautiful, and i'm so glad you could link up again,
    keep warm and prettily dressed, max x

  10. Miss Maple, that outfit is absolutely dreamy! I am so jealous over the tights!! LOL. Very pretty!!!



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