Monday, 28 January 2013

A teapot with a face

Another soft pale outfit for matching the snowy scenery. And look what my sweet children gave me for Christmas! The cutest of cute tea pots: a tea pot that looks at me.
I love my boy and my girl.
The teapot is from the Danish brand Miss Ètoile. Make sure to visit their website. They have the most beautiful china and cake decorations you can imagine.
 dress: H&M borrowed from my daughter
blouse: retail
beaded bag with fans on it: thrifted for 10 €
flowers and tights: H&M
shoes: Pesaro borrowed from my daughter

Have a dreamy white winter day!
Miss Maple

Friday, 25 January 2013

Putting away the last Christmas decorations

In Germany we have no Christmas tree before Christmas Eve. But in some Catholic parts and in the Catholic churches there's a tradition to keep the Christmas tree till Candlemas, that's 2nd February. Well, that's a really long time. Maybe too long.
I put away the last Christmas ornaments and we took a quick photo outside cause they match my outfit and the snow covered nature so well.
I collected all the glass ornaments over the years in an op shop for almost nothing. 
I like best the pink tree toppers although I've never used them for this purpose.
Have a great day!
Miss Maple

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Glittering like snow

At the moment I have a preference for soft colours which is very much unlike me as I'm more the girl for vibrant colours.
But maybe the snow covered nature challenges me.
sequin pullover: H&M sale for 5 €
skirt: thrifted
bag: thrifted for 1 €
beret: H&M
shoes: Pesaro, borrowed from my daughter
thermo tights: camano
 brooch on beret: thrifted for 3 €
 fern earrings: Bijoux Brigitte
Have a glittering, snow white day!
Miss Maple

PS: Do you like op shopping? Then you can join the OP SHOP SHOW OFF at   Every Tuesday you can see what other bloggers
      have thrifted this week.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

White capes

How dreamy is that white cape. The headpiece is gorgeous and sooo romantic too.

Marianne from Mebourne wore her white cape even for working in her mother's garden.

Wearing a white vintage cape with a green suit while waiting for the train to start an adventurous journey. How stylish!

There are white capes against the rain.

Even Pinups wore white capes.

There are also white capes for the small ones.

And even dolls wear white capes.
Have a cosy, warm, white day!
Miss Maple

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Song for a winter's night

A song for all the loved ones we miss in our heart.

The lamp is burnin' low upon my table top
The snow is softly fallin'
The air is still in the silence of my room
I hear your voice softly callin'

If I could only have you near
To breathe a sigh or two
I would be happy just to hold the hands I love
On this winter night with you

The smoke is rising in the shadows overhead
My glass is almost empty
I read again between the lines upon each page
The words of love you sent me

If I could know within my heart
That you were lonely too
I would be happy just to hold the hands I love
On this winter night with you

The fire is dying now, my lamp is growing dim
The shades of night are liftin'
The mornin' light steals across my windowpane
Where webs of snow are driftin'

If I could only have you near
To breathe a sigh or two
I would be happy just to hold the hands I love
On this winter night with you
And to be once again with you

 Some pics from after midnight in my wintery garden:
 Julie went to the pond, you can see her traces in the snow.
 The old snow laden apple tree.
Have a warm and cosy winter night with your loved ones near.
Miss Maple

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Knitted capes

Inga, a gifted knitter from Estonia made these wonderful capes.
 I love the first photo of the ice skating girl so much.

A very elegant cape which seems to be very fluffy and cosy.

I think these ones look a bit weird.

Here's another knitted cape. If I only had the instruction.

Or this hooded one:
Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Yellow vintage capes

I'm completely smitten with this yellow vintage cape of Keiko Lynn. She got it from her mother who fished it out from a dumpster behind a thrift shop. How lucky was she.
 I think Keiko Lynn created marvellous styles out of that trouvaille.
 In every outfit the cape is looking completely different.    

What about this wonderful yellow cape or more precisely poncho I found in the lovely blog Kitten Paws Vintage. I remember I had a similar yellow and brown one with fringes that I had to crochet in my handicraft lessons at school. I consider if I should make one again to wear with dresses and boots.

 Lucy Mae used the same colour scheme as Keiko Lynn in the first outfit on top but she took a tartan cape which I adore so much. Yellow and white tartan - marvellous! Especially when combined with turquoise.
 Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sewing a vintage cape

What about sewing such a great Tartan cape for cycling or taking part in the Tweed Run events 2013? Unfortunately I'm not the talented seamstress. So I only can dream of that adorable cape.

These red and light blue short capes would be nice for a more formal occasion.
 Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sherlock Holmes' birthday

Did you know that all around the world people celebrate Sherlock Holmes' birthday on the 6th of January by dressing themselves up as characters from his adventures? Here you can see a photo from Sherlock friends in Riga/Latvia.
I'd like to have a cape like the boys. I think that must be really warm in the cold and rainy weather here.
Have a great day!
Miss Maple

Monday, 7 January 2013

Winter whites

Facing the cold winter night with all my white clothes.
 Dress, pearl-covered beret, flower and tights are H&M.
Have a happy winter day in white.
Miss Maple
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