Sunday, 15 December 2013

Jonathan Adler

 The American Jonathan Adler is a potter, designer, author, and personality.
He's all about iconic pottery, bold colors, hip patterns and modernist form.
 I love all his patterns.
Adler's inspirations have come from Mid-century modern, art and global pop culture.
His fun interiors are meant for happy chic and anti-depressive living like his books are called.


Don't you love these interiors too?
Have a happy week!
Miss Maple

Friday, 6 December 2013

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Beeswax Love

My beeswax candles are so beautiful and they're scenting so fine. 
So I surfed the internet and found many more, definitely fascinating.

Advent wreath with beeswax candles

This year's Advent wreath made from moss and beeswax candles. To match my woodland Christmas theme I added playing squirrels and the red stocking-footed deer - a present from my sister in law.
 I love the beautiful golden color of beeswax. 
Even better the fact that it's naturally scented. 
A very warm and cosy perfume - a little bit like honey!
 I used honey for the leaves cookies too. 
They're smelling very Christmassy because they have speculoos spices in them.

 And last not least I tried punch pears which are cooked in non-alcoholic punch for half an hour and then you allow to infuse overnight. The next day you get the most lovely red pears which taste so heavenly delicious with yoghurt, cream cheese or even salad.
And they have a beautiful surprise inside.
Have a lovely and cosy Advent time!
Miss Maple

Dawn on my way to work

 Too bad that I'm always in a hurry when I pass this magic scenery at 7 o'clock
 in the morning on my way to work.
It's even much more beautiful in reality but I couldn't get it in the photo.
Miss Maple

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Woodland Christmas Decorations

Today I went to my attic to check the Christmas decorations.
That's what I found in a box.
Aren't these mushrooms lovely? 
I'm so excited to put them on the Christmas tree again.
Then I searched the internet for more woodland decorations
and I'm happy about what I found.

Have you been to your attic too? What did you find?
Have a wonderful early winter week.
Miss Maple

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Project: Autumn Spray

My autumn project prospered. 
But I'm not sure of how to arrange the leaves and mushrooms. 
That's only a first attempt:
 I like the dotted guinea fowl feather amongst the spray even if it's not crocheted.
 BTW this was the inspiring example:
 And I have to admit: I'm a bit addicted to 
crocheting these autumn things at the moment. 
I'm not in the mood for making Christmas decorations yet.
Have some happy hours this weekend!
Miss Maple

Monday, 11 November 2013

My dear autumn colours

I love my dear autumn colours. And that my hair is long enough to make a sidewards braid again.
 Trying different purses with this outfit. 
The first one is from an op shop.
 The second one is crocheted by me.
 I found the inspiration in a Japanese crochet magazine here.
 The third one was a present from my mother. She bought it at a garden fair. Lovely, isn't it?
 Which one do you like best?
 Starring Julie is checking if everything is in order!
 Oh, yes, Julie, it's ok!
 Don't look at the mess behind my house. 
Better look at my collection of blue and green glass in the windows above.
 That's my outfit for a not too chilly day in autumn.
Hope there will be some more.
Have a nice week!
Miss Maple
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