Sunday, 30 December 2012

The violet hat

My outfit for a wintery day. I knitted the scarf and the wrist warmers myself.
 Please ignore my ugly old winter boots again. I have to find me new ones soon.
 The bag is a present from my mother. We bought it at a garden festival in a nearby town.
Have a fine winter day!
Miss Maple


  1. That's a PERFECT Winter's day outfit, and you are a clever lady! XXX

  2. I agree - that coat is gorgeous and your knitting is fabulous! Sarah xxx

  3. Wonderful as always! You are such a stylish babe! Love those green eyes and your big smile.

  4. lovely outfit, like the coat and the bag especially

  5. Beautiful coat!! Where is it from? I was just admiring a similar shape the other day, while watching Breakfast at Tiffany's. You look wonderful, Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, Milenushka. I bought the coat from H&M in 2011, I think. The coat was available in a certain rust red too. But I didn't buy it at once and then it was sold, so foolish.

  6. the boots are fantastic, love this whole outfit though. xx

  7. Lovely colours, great hat and bag, AND you can knit - clever you!
    Happy new year to you! xxx

  8. Fabulous little mittens sweet!!!! The coat is scrumptious and looks so snug.
    May 2013 be filled with lots of love and happiness.
    Love vanessa

  9. What a beautiful winter look! Your handmade scarf and wrist warmers are such a fabulous addition to the look! Great hat too!



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