Monday, 17 December 2012

Facing winter with roses

Last weekend we had black ice and I was glad that I could stay at home and hadn't got to go to work by car. I faced the upcoming winter weather with red and pink roses on my umbrella, dark roses on my skirt and a winered felt rose on my Russian jacket. And Julie was with me of course.
The skirt was hand-sewn for me after my ideas.
Please ignore my ugly old winter boots. Ugly but handy with their treaded sole. 
And ignore my thick black knee highs too. But they kept me oh so warm.
Have a happy winter day outside or inside.
Miss Maple


  1. huiii, das ist mein absoluter lieblings-schirm !! den wollte ich auch schon immer haben....übrigens : ich werde bei der nächsten staffel von enies back-show in einer folge mit dabei sein, juhuu !

  2. wonderful, hope you're having a great winter! Here it's cold and everything is white and covers with a big blanket of snow. Have a great day Miss Maple! Hugs

  3. I love that skirt! The texture is amazing.

  4. Oh,I've fallen in love with this umbrella, so beautiful!

  5. Miss Maple, these photos are lovely!!! You are beautiful! And that outfit is DIVOOOON!! I am jealous of your umbrella! xoxo Lynn


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