Sunday, 25 November 2012

Polka dot variation V - The Sunday school girl

My new bow and tights let me style another variation of my Polka dot themed posts.
 I call it the Sunday school girl outfit.
 In the background you can see my grandfather's carpentry which was built in 1937. 

Here's me on the 100 year old floor tiles of my grandmothers house, that I've lived in for eight years now. Aren't they wonderful?
 Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple


  1. I love this! I wish I had long hair to put into bunches. I love the bow on your jumper too xx

    1. I found the bow at H&M some weeks ago. Maybe you can get one for yourself. It wasn't expensive, 9 €. I thought I can use it as a pattern for more bows to make.

  2. So SO sweet! A lovely outfit, and I adore those old tiles!

  3. Cute you! :) And your shoes are so sweet, I've been looking for shoes like that but haven't found any yet! Hugs

    1. The shoes are from Esprit. I bought them two or three years ago. They're rather comfortable. But I only would like the T-straps to be a bit smaller. That would look a bit more elegant.

  4. What a great outfit - I would totally wear this!

  5. Thank you, my dear Charmaine! I'd be honoured if you wore an outfit like that and I think that would suit you very well. Especially with your blonde hair.

  6. Amazing look! Perfectly styled and topped off with a fabulous beret!


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