Monday, 15 October 2012

Tutu and a Teacup challenge

Ok, girls! You've got me. I'm going to accept the challenge. 
Another one that's taking part in the "Tutu and a Teacup Challenge".
 Polka dots, tartan pattern and a tutu. Roses teacup, leopard skin teapot and fine Chai. 
What else do I need?
 I'm curious how many blogger girls will participate in the next weeks.
 I made the earrings myself.
feather headpiece: Bijoux Brigitte
blouse: Orsay
petticoat: Petticoatshop Berlin
tights: C&A
shoes: Roland
I'm sure you're interested in the outfits of the other girls too. Here you are. Enjoy!

 Lovely Sarah from Misfits Vintage.

 Lovely Melanie from Bag and a Beret who started with this outfit.

 Pretty Desiree from Pull your socks up!

Lovely Curtise from The Secondhand Years.

Lovely Clare from Miss Simmonds Says
with lovely doggie and lovely doll.

Lovely Jackie from SHOWTELLSHARE

Fairylike Lynn Dylan from Dylan's Dress

The lovely girl from Vintage Bird Girl.

And last not least gorgeous Helga from Helga von Trollop.

Have a colourful "Tutu and a Teacup" day!
Miss Maple


  1. gorgeous! I love the tartan tights, the black and violet together and your confident stare!

  2. Hello! Thanks for commenting over at mine and letting me know about your beautiful version of tulle and a tea cup!
    Polka dots, tartan and extra feathers, you look gorgeous.
    Love Curtise x

  3. So splendidly gorgeous! From the tartan tights to the whimsical topper, there isn't a single element of this fun, stylish look that I don't adore.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Hello! Thanks for your delightful comments! I would send you some chocolate if I had some lost, truly!

  5. Well hello there,Miss Maple!!! So glad you commented so I could find you looking totally AMAZING! This was such a fun challenge;I don't think sarah realised it would go sort of viral! I love every detail of your outfit! Most especially the tights! And the hat and the spotty blouse! XXX

  6. I'm so glad you joined the teacup fun. You look gorgeous....I love how we all look so different. I'm so sorry I've only just discovered your blog. At least I'm following now! Thanks for your lovely comment too. Xx

  7. Bonjour! You look divine. Who'd have thought tartan and tutus - this is an excellent combination! Plus everything else... I love your take on this. The teapot is outstanding. I love that you joined in the fun.

  8. Ooh gorgeous! LOVE the layers and patterns and that teapot!!! Sarah xxx

  9. Love your take on this! You look great. Glad to see another link here that I had not seen yet either!


  10. Oh, thanks for adding my pic! I feel I pale in comparison to everyone else! You are very sweet! xoxo Lynn


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