Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New interest: incense burning

Last weekend  my sister and I attended an incense burning class for the first time. And I must say I was immediately caught by that topic. I bought charcoal and incense from the teacher and started in the same evening. Cause it had been rainy and chilly when we had been outside to learn about the herbs I was a little bit frozen. So I used my old leopard skin teapot to make some hot tea for me. The complete ceremony made me feel so peaceful, warm and natural. While sipping my tea and smelling the aromatic perfume of the herbs and resins on the glowing charcoal I was reading a book about magic gardening and I thought: Time could stand still for ever. Can you remember similar moments in your life?
 I burnt a mixture that's called "Clear Mind" and tried spices that I had in my kitchen like
 orange peel, cinnamon, star anise and clover then.
Of course I decorated the brass plate with natural materials like chestnuts, a stone, marigolds and snail shells. To add some more natural scents I had a fragant rose and beeswax candles.
Altogether it was a relaxing evening and I absolutely want to learn more about incense burning.
Above all it's an activity that people have done for hundred thousands of years and I feel related to a long line of ancestors that disappears in Old Stone Age.
Have a warm and peaceful evening!
Miss Maple


  1. Oh I love incense so so much, it makes you feel so calm and it's perfect for Autumn! This is a lovely post!


  2. What an intreguingly lovely subject to take a class on. I adored burning incense when I was younger (middle school years) and often sourced it from a local shop called The Dragon's Den (which, though the same might imply such, did not just sell incense), but haven't used to much in the year since. This post has reawaken my interest in the topic and I'll certainly be popping by that shop soon to see if they still stock an array of beautiful incense sticks and cones.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. This is awesome! I love the smell of incense and you decorated that plate beautifully. :)

  4. Ooo it looks gorgeous and so relaxing. I've use incense sticks but have never used the resin or thought about adding my own spices etc, what a wonderful idea!

    I think I'll have to look out for an incense burning class to learn more.

  5. Incense burning class! Sounds very interesting! I can almost smell how amazing it would be by you describing it! Very cool!


  6. I get the most profound headaches from commercially manufactured incense sticks but the description of this new interest of yours sounds like something I would definitely love because I love natural scents:) xo


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