Sunday, 7 October 2012

Miss Maple goes "Very British"

I love checked patterns in outfits, the more when the outfit remembers me of the famous Tweed Run events in cities all over the world. Here's Miss Maple in a very British outfit, ready to take part in one of these events - which is what I've dreamed of for so long but what hasn't happened until today.
 We had a sunny, warm and really golden October day here in my area.
 It was almost too warm to wear a cardigan.
There were lots of girls in town that were even wearing tank tops while Mr W and I were sitting in a café, sipping our delicious cold drinks with ice cubes, peppermint leaves, ginger and brown sugar. Mmmmh!
 Have a colourful, British day!
Miss Maple


  1. wow you look so lovely,
    btw. is that your garden,
    really nice, perfect surroundigs for your outfit,
    makes me envious:)))

  2. I love your boots! I want a pair riding-style boot really badly.

  3. You are the prettiest lady, I really mean that. Your smile is of the sort that lights up a room and I always adore seeing your wonderful fashions. We're getting treated to ongoing sun here, too, and you've now got me wishing I had some proper British tweed to sport out in the beautiful autumn light, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Beautiful! And Jessica is right, your smile lights up a day :)
    Your bike is super, I have a similar one - so I just hope yours is not as heavy as my Gazelle.
    xxx Lea


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