Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween in the Botanical Garden

The weekend before last weekend I was at the "Long Night of the museums in Munich" with friends. We were in several interesting museums but the very best was the botanical garden. We were there from one o'clock until two o'clock in the night. They had the most beautiful carved pumpkins ...
 Can you recognize the cat's face?
 ... the pathes were torch-lit and visiting the luminated plants in the silent glasshouses was such a romantic and magic experience.
  They had a nicely decorated café also but unfortunately it was too late to get something to eat. If you'll ever have the chance to visit a botanical garden at night do it whenever possible.
Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple

Monday, 29 October 2012

Pumpkin display

You can buy pumpkins on a farm nearby, where they are displayed in a nice way.
 When we walked through the forest we saw fly agarics too on this trip.
Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple

Quince bread and apple bread

I made apple bread last time. The thin slices taste wonderful, fruity and sweet. The small squares on the plate are quince bread that my mother made from the quinces in her garden. I made the apple-elderberry compote as well. It's made from wild elderberries and wild apples that I found on a walk to the forest.
I found rosebuds, aromatic resin, some nuts, decorative leaves and the tree grates too.
Have a colourful, wild day!
Miss Maple

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The polka dot bow

I found this cute brickred polka dot hairbow and wanted to create an outfit around it.
 So I chose black and brickred to go with it.
 I went to a friends birthday party. The berry wreath was a present.

 Doggie said goodbye.
 Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Another autumnal fruit bread

This time I tried a recipe that I had at home for more than 15 years. I got it in the Waldorf kindergarten where my little ones went to. It was a little risky to try it cause the woman who gave it to me only listed the ingredients by heart. So it wasn't sure that she thought of everything but it came out quite well as you can see in the photo and it tasted really really delicious.
Recipe: Irish Porter Cake
 Bring the following ingredients to a boil and let them cool down afterwards:
1/2 litres of dark beer (Guiness, Irish Porter, ...)
500 g dried fruit (plums, apricots, apples, figs, cranberries, pineapples, ...)
(I'd like to take more dried fruit next time.)
1 packet of candied orange peel
1 packet of candied lemon peel
250 g butter
150 - 250 g brown sugar (I don't like it too sweet!)
Add 1 kg of plain flour, 2 packets of baking powder, 3 beated eggs, spices like cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom, mace. That gives a really chewy, heavy dough. Put into the baking mould and decorate with almonds or make little balls and bake. You can store it when wrapped in aluminium foil or in the freezer.
 A wonderful autumnal treat with black tea or coffee.
Have a colourful, sweet, fruity day!
Miss Maple

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Vintage parasols against the sun

Ok! The weather isn't such beautiful at the moment that we have to talk about parasols. But I'm going to show you this collection although.
How much more beautiful would it be to use vintage parasols and hats against the sun instead of modern suncream.




Have a colourful sunny day!
Miss Maple

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Drying plants on a chandelier

Some of you know my interest for incense burning with local plants since I've attended an incense burning class with my sister. Therefore I have to dry herbs, flowers and twigs and I looked for a place to hang them. But when I went through my house I couldn't find any other place than my grandfather's chandelier. No sooner said than done! And - what a surprise - the bottom view was gorgeous. And the room was filled with the perfume of the scented roses for days
Have a nice weekend full of vibrant colours and rose perfume!
Miss Maple

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Burning incense with local plants

This time I put the charcoal on sand in a silver cup and decorated with marigolds.
 The feather is for faning air to the gleaming charcoal or faning the smoke into the right direction. The spoon is made from olive wood, therefore the nice wavy grain. The candles are beeswax and therefore a very natural item too. The yellow "apples" in the bowl aren't apples at all but quinces from my mothers garden. They exhale a wonderful fruity scent.
 I try to collect my own natural material for incense burning in my garden or in the forest. You have to dry it first so that's a bit of a mess on my dining room table at the moment.

 What natural material is suitable for incense burning?
 spruce and pine cones
needles from spruce, fir, pine or yew tree
elder flower or wood
rosemary, sage, mint, lavender and thyme, yarrow
rose petals and mugwort
cedar or birch bark
and many more
 You can take cloves, cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, vanilla, laurel, coriander from your kitchen stock. They give wonderful scents. Orange or lemon peel as well.
And I look for aromatic resin from spruce trees in the forest. But only take old resin that's no more sticky. It gives a better scent and your hands stay clean. And be careful, take only the driedaromatic  resin that you can break off easily to avoid hurting the tree again. 
How can you find resin? Look out for grey marks on the stems, like the ones in the picture below. 
That's dried spruce resin. It has a special scent.
 Maybe you're interested in incense burning with self collected natural materials now. So I hope you'll have fun in trying this new activity. I think it will fill you with peace and harmony like it did with me.
Have a colourful and natural day!
Miss Maple
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