Saturday, 25 August 2012

Nice cookbooks for a lovely afternoon tea

See what nice cookbooks I bought today. I'm planning to host a lovely tea party in my house soon. There are so many possibilities for tea parties in this book:
  •  an iced tea afternoon in the south of America
  •  a tea party with flowers and fruit
  •  an elegant French tea party
  •  a cosy tea party in autumn
  •  a spicy Morrocan tea party
 and there are way more ideas as 
  • a white tea party in winter
  • a Japanese tea party
  • an English five o'clock tea
  • a Russian tea party
  • a Carribean tea party
  • a girlish pink tea party
  • an English High Tea
  • a baby-shower tea party
And I found a silicone baking mould for so called "Gugl" - which means mini-Gugelhupf - with a recipe book.
 I've already tried a recipe from a cookbook with lots of recipes for
 icecream, sorbets, parfaits, granitas and so on.
Have colourful tea parties!
Miss Maple


  1. What splendid tea party inspiration. I adore books like that too, and find I can pour over them ten or more times and always feel inspired anew with each reading.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Grrrrrrrrr those pics are making me frantic with tea party envy!!! Teatime beside the fireplace looks so inviting this cold evening we're having:)) xo


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