Friday, 27 July 2012

Ten DIY projects for the summer break

I'm going to have some free time in August and I want to do so many projects that I'm sure I'll never manage to finish or even start them. But nevertheless I'll show you at least some of my dream projects.

DIY-Project 1
 I want to sew a black cat like this one and make clothes for her. I found the inspiration in the fabulous, creative blog Attic24.
Some cool cat friends would be nice for the black kitty above.
  There are scented cats too. They're so cute. I hope I can realize at least one of the kitties.

DIY-Project 2
I bought these cute cookie cutters - a handbag and a telephone - and I want to bake and decorate some cookies.

DIY-Project 3
I want to make sweet dress brooches like in this blog.

DIY-Project 4
I want to sew teapot pincushions. Inspiration found here.
... and a pin cushion embroidered with little teapots and teacups as found here.

DIY-Project 5
I want to use daylilies to make a meal.

DIY-Project 6
I want to crochet Russian matryochkas.(Source)

 DIY-Project 7
I want to stitch a cushion that looks at me.

 DIY-Project 8
I want to draw pictures. And I've started yet with some experimental drawings.

 DIY-Project 9
I want to crochet a blooming flower cushion like creative Lucy in the fabulous blog Attic 24 did.

 DIY-Project 10

And last not least I want to bring my half-finished rust tweed beret to an end.
Wish me luck! So that I can finish at least half of the projects.
Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple


  1. Wow, great project ideas. In case you need a hint how to make the teapot, just let me know ;) I also love the cats and the crochet pillow that looks like a big flower.

    1. Dear Miss Maple, so fare I didn't have time to make the teapot, but it's on my very long list of DiY projects I'd love to make some day. Please send me an e-mail to lea.visual.diary(at), then I can send you some details about the cute teapot. :)
      Love, Lea (new adress:

  2. All of these DIY projects look like a lot of fun to make! I especially love the cat projects.
    Teresa in California

  3. Wow! Can you do all those nice things? My favourites are the scented cats : so cute!

  4. Wow they're all so cute! I really want to make that first cat with the little outfit, do you have a pattern for it?


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