Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer evening with friends and Pimm's on the porch

 Some weeks ago we met some friends on our porch. We had some simple things to eat and drink. I tried an English summer drink for the first time: Pimm's. And I have to say it's the best drink for summer evenings ever.
I mixed it after the original recipe from the famous English garden lady Rosemary Verey, who owned the wonderful garden of Barnsley House in Gloucestershire.
one part Gin
one part Martini Rosso
2 parts Ginger Ale
2-4 Parts lemonade
seasonal fruit
apple mint
Mmmmmh! Delicious!
 We sat there until after midnight.
 Have a colourful summer evening!
Miss Maple


  1. So adaroble pictures ! it looks like fun
    Greets from Berlin ♥, BronZingEyes

  2. Awww, so dreamy and nostalgic<3 I love the strawberries<3

  3. Oh yay, so gad you like Pimm's it's my favourite. x

  4. Oh this looks like the most perfect evening EVER! Your table is gorgeous - Pimms and fruit and friends and warm summer evenings - what could be better than that? Sarah xxx

  5. Hello miss Maple :) I did put in the rollers the night before I did my hairdo, I had no problems sleeping with them cuz I'm so used to it ^^ To bad that you couldn't slee with them, You can have them daytime with a scarf :)


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