Sunday, 24 June 2012

Midsummer Night's Party

A friend made her mind up to host a real midsummer night's party in her garden. So yesterday everyone came with things required for such a party. Someone brought a box full of cut pinewood. A friend brought his fire cage. Others brought food such as quiche or salad. I brought roasted vegetables, my traditional party food, and battered lovage blossoms, a new recipe from "Miss Maple's kitchen laboratory".
 If you don't know what lovage blossoms look like:
 I'll show you the battered blossoms in one of the following posts.
 First we got elderflower drinks and ate the delicious dishes from the buffet.
Then everyone had to put candles into the water tub with a secret wish in his thoughts.
Later we lit the fire. 
The fire is a symbol for the light and warmth of the sun.
Our friend taught us two Yugoslav dances and it was much fun and laughter to dance around the fire holding hands and trying to focus on the steps - forwards, backwards, sideways, spin around.
She told us about ancient midsummer night customs in different parts of the world, which was so very  interesting and magical.
We put fern fronds into the fire.
 It's said that fern produces a golden flower at midnight of midsummer, that drops its seeds immediately. These seeds should be able to make you invisible. Also fern was highly coveted for strong spells of love.
Not only did we see the sparks of fire against the dark night sky but also nice glow worms flying by caught our attention.
Later we burned birch twigs, the birch signifies for a new start and reincarnation.
The birch sap is also a favoured ingredient of love potions.
 It's a symbolic tradition that couples in love should leap over the fire to reinforce their relationship, to strengthen their future and to prove their fidelity.
After that we still drank wine and talked for hours due to the unusual warm night and were all happy to have beloved friends like these to enjoy the short time we're here on earth.
Have a colourful, warm night!
Miss Maple


  1. Oh what fun!!!! The light in the fire basket is just heavenly and I love the myth behind the fern.
    The last photograph is so surreal. What a truly magical night.
    Love v

  2. Oh fun! What a great idea!!
    -Britney of Lemonwood and Honey

  3. This is so so wonderful! I wish I had friends that would partake in a midsummer party with me. It looks magical. xx

  4. This looks like so much fun!


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