Friday, 8 June 2012

Hugo Cabret

I saw the film "Hugo Cabret" today and was both stunned and enchanted.
The nostalgic 3D-film plays in Paris in the 1920s and is about an orphan who lives alone in a Paris railway station and his adventures with a broken mechanical man. It's a fairytale for cinema enthusiasts and admirers of the 1920s. The film received enormously positive reviews and got 5 oscars this year. It's produced by Johnny Depp and directed by Martin Scorsese. Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen and Jude Law are starring among others. Make sure to watch "Hugo Cabret" if you have the chance.
 Unfortunately my video upload doesn't work so I can't show you the trailer on my blog
but here's the youtube link.
Have some colourful, nostalgic hours!
Miss Maple


  1. Thank you, I love the shoes, so timeless! I just have to see that movie :)

  2. I still have not watched "Hugo Cabret" but seems to be very beautiful!
    Honey, my other blog is temporarily closed, so I can make some adjustments. I'll be back soon! For while the food blog keeps running whenever I do something different and special food!
    Kisses and thanks for your sweet visit!

  3. Oh it is just lovely!!!! I so so enjoyed it.
    Love v

  4. I'll watch it this week, the trailer is really promising, I love Steampunk-Movies! Although you've already seen the movie, I would recommend to read the book - or just look at it -it's so lovely and special (it's a book for bigger children, but anyway). The story is partly written like in a "normal" book, and partly told through illustrations.
    In my blog I've written an article about steampunk this week, just in case you're interested. ;)


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