Friday, 15 June 2012

Chartreuse - one of my favourite colours

I found a website that will tell you more about this marvellous colour. 
Enjoy the pictures from that fabulous site.
Here you can see an antiques dealer's living room in chartreuse.
 Chartreuse is great when mixed with black and grey like here.
 Not really chartreuse but beautiful after all: a green bedroom.
Or would you like to have a house painted in chartreuse.
What do you say? Isn't that such a wonderful, warm and elegant colour?
Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple


  1. What a great colour! I love the photo of the lemons and flowers in a vase! x

  2. beautiful, i love the fireplace painted chartreuse!

  3. Oh what a gorgeous pick of yummy photos!!! I just love saying "Chartreuse".
    Love v

  4. I love this colour. Great choice!

  5. It's such a favourite of mine that I painted my house chartreuse! Sarah xxx

  6. Hi, honey!
    is really a beautiful color.
    Once we painted some walls of the old house
    with this shade of green.
    Still not back to my blog, but the food blog
    new recipe is: my favorite pudding!
    I hope you there!


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