Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tweed Run London - Tea Break

I'm continuing to dream of being part of the Tweed Run in London:
After some time of biking through the town there would be a tea break where I could drink tea from the nicest vintage china you can imagine. Here you can see a collection of vintage cups and saucers from Bristol Vintage used at the real Tweed Run in London.
I would sip the finest tea from a cup with roses and maybe there would be a tiny little piece of cake too.
 cap: borrowed from Mr W
vintage fur: thrifted (mother said it's polecat or better two polecats)
scarf: thrifted
gloves: thrifted
pineapple earrings: don't know anymore
skirt: Orsay
suit jacket: Orsay
tights: C&A
shoes: Zanon&Zanon

Have a colourful weekend!
Miss Maple


  1. Lovely clothes!! My style ^^ :)

  2. your outfit is just lovely!! :) and i adore that vintage tea set!!!!!!! i love you posts they are always so interesting! :)

  3. You look just GORGEOUS! I love beautiful old mismatched crockery too. Happy weekend! Sarah xxx

    PS I do hope you will consider removing Word Verification from comments - it's a pain in the neck to use and I promise you won't get spam without it.


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