Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lilac bloom

All the lilacs in my garden are blooming and there's an opulent perfume everywhere. So I took out some thrifted crockery and filled them with bunches of lilac to celebrate this short time of plethora in the late afternoon lights. Enjoy!
The cup and sugar bowl with violets on them were presents from my mom. I got the sugar bowl when I was in hospital after getting my baby daughter.
 The brooches are thrifted too for only some Euros.
 I found the art nouveau spice cans long time ago on a fleamarket. I've got six of them. They're labeled for cinnamon, cloves, pepper, nutmeg, caraway and spices in general. They were cheap because only one of the cans has had a lid yet.
 But they're great for decorations, means great for me!
  I found the bowl in the foreground last week for only 50 ct. It comes from Romania and is handpainted.
Have a colourful lilac perfumed day!
Miss Maple


  1. Bah! This is SO pretty! What a gorgeous garden! That china is super cute too. I can't for when I can do this in my backyard! Spring came late for us this year, so I am still waiting for all my blooms.

  2. I love lilacs! They smell amazing and the colour is so pretty! Here they havnt bloomed yet :(

  3. ach, du meine gü das bezaubernd !! ich liebe flieder über alles und lasse mir im sommer sogar einen fliederstrauch tätowieren....eine tolle inspiration !


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