Saturday, 19 May 2012

Frida alias Miss Maple shows off her shoes

Frollein von Sofa, you asked me to show all my red shoes- and you want to see them in the shape of a heart. So I accepted the challenge and last night I had a photo session with my son who was engaged to take the photos.
As I often tend to exaggerate I took my red dress, the red heart shaped earrings and necklace, red flowers on my head and the first red peonies on my lap. At last it came out that I had a certain likeness to Frida Kahlo, an artist that's great exhibition I saw when I was in Berlin two years ago.
 You can find me as a colour red here.
Frollein von Sofa, I swear that they're really all mine, but you may not think that I'm super rich, lots were from fleamarkets or cheap purchases or very old. But I use them regularly cause I'm so fond of red shoes. They give every outfit the special twist cause they're simply magic. Remember Dorothy's red slippers.
And to my other readers: Make sure to pop over to Frollein von Sofa's blog: One shoe a day. She's a passionate shoe- and accessory-designer from Berlin. She has an online-shop, where you can buy the cutest hats and accessories you can imagine.
Have a colourful day full of gorgeous, red shoes!
Miss Maple


  1. Dearest Miss Maple !! You did a wonderful job !! I love all your red shoes and the flowers and....everything ! Red shoes are a thing made in heaven ! Thank you so much for taking this challenge and your kind words about me and my work !!! Next time you're in Berlin we have to meet each other !!!!

  2. great photos ur son did a great job. i have a few red pairs myself i love them kisses from Dublin xx Leo.

  3. Ever heart should be made of gorgeous red shoes. Just lovely.
    Love v

  4. Fairy shoes, like Snow White!!You temp me to buy some!Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, you make my day!!

  5. LOVE these images! I too have a slight shoe fetish ;)
    Nice to find you!
    New follower :)

  6. You look so amazing! Love these pictures and your shoe heart. xx

  7. All the red shoes in a heart- Great idea!
    I like the neck of the red dress and the flowers, so feminine.
    Are you familiar with Pinterest? I'm pinning some of your DIYs.
    the blog-

    I will be following, you are welcome on board too!


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