Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Going to a wedding

What I wore when going to my nieces wedding.
To get a nice hairdo I tinted my hair and set it in foam rollers over night. It wasn't too comfortable to sleep with them but I was pleased how curly my hair came out.
skirt: handsewn after my ideas
jacket: H&M
T-shirt: H&M
bag: thrifted
doggie brooch: got it for really nothing at a fleamarket
(my sister-in-law says in the 60s such doggie brooches were in packets of coffee as a gift)
red bangle with dragons: very old
necklace: selfmade from coral beads and a thrifted heart shaped pendant with an angel on the one side and a Mother of God on the other side
shoes: the very, very old ones
Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple

Three nuts for cinderella

This song was played in church to start the wedding. It's from a Czech fairytale movie from the 70s which every child here has seen many times cause it's broadcasted on TV several times in every winter holidays. Enjoy and make sure to watch the film whenever you have the chance.
You can read more about the film on this fanpage.
Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple

Monday, 28 May 2012

Cabinets of curiosities

I'm completely over the moon with "Wunderkammers". That's the German word for cabinets of curiosities or cabinets of wonder, which were the predecessors of our modern museums. In the past rich sovereigns like princes, archbishops or dukes collected weird things from all over the world and displayed them in those cabinets. There were natural, artificial and exotic valuables.
The fabulous French painter Bridget Couc from Bridget is painting paints such cabinets full of transparent glass, corals, shells, eggs and so on. She sets the precious objects against a very dark background so that they seem to be jewels. I couldn't stop browsing her blog and admiring every single painting. Have a look at the selection below and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I.
 You can visit real "Wunderkammers" for example in Berlin:
 There are also painted "Wunderkammers":
And some modern artists are composing such cabinets of wonders too, 
 And I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it with my proper eyes.
  There's a blog about mini cabinets of curiosities and you can find it here so that you can convince yourself with your very eyes.

Those cabinets are so right up my alley cause I'm such an addicted collector and can't resist to start even more new collections.
To be honest I have to admit I'm a real  
collector of collections.
Have a colourful, collective day!
Miss Maple

Painted peonies in teacups

I've found such a nice blog of a French painter lately and I want to share this discovery with you, my dear readers. It's the blog Bridget is painting. There you'll find such magic paintings of flowers, china, birds, corals, glass and cabinets of wonder, all things I'm fond of so much. I couldn't stop browsing through her blog and admiring all the little precious objects. I hope you'll enjoy this small selection as much as I.
And the best: You can buy the pictures and they're not too expensive!!!
 Have a colourful, rosy day!
Miss Maple

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Frida alias Miss Maple shows off her shoes

Frollein von Sofa, you asked me to show all my red shoes- and you want to see them in the shape of a heart. So I accepted the challenge and last night I had a photo session with my son who was engaged to take the photos.
As I often tend to exaggerate I took my red dress, the red heart shaped earrings and necklace, red flowers on my head and the first red peonies on my lap. At last it came out that I had a certain likeness to Frida Kahlo, an artist that's great exhibition I saw when I was in Berlin two years ago.
 You can find me as a colour red here.
Frollein von Sofa, I swear that they're really all mine, but you may not think that I'm super rich, lots were from fleamarkets or cheap purchases or very old. But I use them regularly cause I'm so fond of red shoes. They give every outfit the special twist cause they're simply magic. Remember Dorothy's red slippers.
And to my other readers: Make sure to pop over to Frollein von Sofa's blog: One shoe a day. She's a passionate shoe- and accessory-designer from Berlin. She has an online-shop, where you can buy the cutest hats and accessories you can imagine.
Have a colourful day full of gorgeous, red shoes!
Miss Maple

New red summer shoes

I like my new thrifted summer shoes matching my one and only nail polish. They were a 6 € bargain at the opshop just round the corner. And the best - they seem to be unworn.
 Have a colourful summer day!
Miss Maple

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Smoothies in vintage teacups

Inspired from the book "Vintage Tea Party" I made my own version of smoothies.
Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple

Playing around with flowers and brooches

Yesterday I bought three cheap bunches of roses. What to do with them? I decided to arrange them in some of my thrifted transparent vases. But it didn't look satisfying. So I strolled around in my garden and picked some flowers here and there: catmint, ground ivy, aquilegia, violets, the first peonies, ...
And, here we are! That was the solution, now I had the colourful collage I had in my mind. By accident I had found some moss and had put it on the table. And suddenly a new idea came to my mind: brooches on moss. Yes, that would be a pretty thing. Here's what came out.

Be aware that every single earring is worth more than 100 million dollars!!!
Have a colourful day full of flowers!
Miss Maple

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What I got for Mother's Day

And that's what I got from my kids for Mother's Day:
"Vintage Tea Party" from Angel Adoree.
A book, that I've seen on some of your blogs, found it's way to me at last and I'm completely over the moon with it. It was a real surprise to get it cause I've never spoken about this book with my children. But obviously they know their mother and her crazy musings.
I'm planning to host such a nice tea party for my friends soon. I recently bought mismatched crockery with flowers on them at different fleamarkets and opshops and I'm really excited to try some of the recipes in that glorious book. For example there are cocktails with wild hibiscus flowers in syrup from Australia that look so exotic and elegant. Buy them here.
And you'll find tipps for dressing, hairdoes and decorating too in that marvellous book.
 Have a colourful day!
Miss Maple

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mother's Day present

That's what my mother will get from me: a basket full of thrifted crockery in her favourite pattern. It's partly from England and partly from Germany and the patterns differ slightly. Sometimes there are pheasants or flowers or old buildings on it.
Have a colourful Mother's Day!
Miss Maple

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tweed Run London - Tea Break

I'm continuing to dream of being part of the Tweed Run in London:
After some time of biking through the town there would be a tea break where I could drink tea from the nicest vintage china you can imagine. Here you can see a collection of vintage cups and saucers from Bristol Vintage used at the real Tweed Run in London.
I would sip the finest tea from a cup with roses and maybe there would be a tiny little piece of cake too.
 cap: borrowed from Mr W
vintage fur: thrifted (mother said it's polecat or better two polecats)
scarf: thrifted
gloves: thrifted
pineapple earrings: don't know anymore
skirt: Orsay
suit jacket: Orsay
tights: C&A
shoes: Zanon&Zanon

Have a colourful weekend!
Miss Maple
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