Friday, 30 March 2012

The Viennese hatmaker

Some time ago I had a very depressing day full of sadness. But in the evening I suddenly decided to make a hat from thick felt and woolen cloth I had at home and I crocheted some colourful flowers for decorating the hat.
Afterwards I was proud and happy and the next day I decided to make a little journey by train to Munich where I can show off my new hat and do some shopping. Accidentally I went to a quarter of the town where I found one vintage shop near the other (jewellery, bags, clothes, hats, ...) and I bought maybe too many cool stuff for me. Funnily a shop owner thought I was a Viennese hatmaker and showed me all her stuff for hatmaking: veils, flowers and so on.
Then for tea I went to a really super cosy café called "Frenzy" with almost thirty retro lamps on the ceiling, one more interesting than the other. I had tasty apple tea with a cinnamon stick and a yummy French chocolate cake. Aren't the lamps really fabulous? You must imagine a much more cosier and warmer atmosphere than in the photos.
In the evening I came home with full bags and was as happy as could be about the day, my self-made hat and the nice treasures I had bought. I'll show you some of them the next days.
Have a happy day!
Miss Maple

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  1. Seeing these photos really make me want to go to that charming little cafe and that hat shop. Your world looks completely enchanting Maple! Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on my blog. You definitely gained a new follower:) xx Marisa


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